Company Inderma Belgrade


Inderma ltd is a company dealing with the sale of tapestries, eco leather, exceptional quality for the needs of the furniture manufacturers as well as other branches of the footwear industry. It is a part of the wide sales network and a representative of My fabrics Brenda in our region


Superior production technology, high-quality raw materials and tracking the latest trends fashion and design guarantee the highest quality of products created according to the wishes and needs of customers, the choice of colors and patterns is almost unlimited.


Inderma ltd is primarily a company with many years of experience and the desire that the end user, the customer is satisfied with the goods received, so we invite you to visit us and together with our help, reach the desired aim.


My fabrics by Inderma is a brand with innovative ideas and high quality fabrics both for interior decoration and for furniture production with a clear goal of top quality and aesthetics. Myfabrics is a completely new brand of quality fabrics, with fresh ideas that strive to provide its unique look at home decoration and decorative fabrics. My fabrics are fabrics that everybody dreams of when they went to enrich their space with personality and style. My fabrics are fabrics of modern design and colors, fabrics that inspire us all.