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Inderma ltd whose business is the sale of furniture mats, sale of eco leather, sale of materials for furniture, sale of fabrics of exceptional quality for the needs of furniture manufacturers and other industry branches of fancy goods and footwear, is a company located in Belgrade. Excellent production technology, quality raw materials and following of the latest fashion trends and design guarantee a superior product created according to the wishes and needs of the customer. The choice of colors and patterns is almost unlimited.

Inderma is a brand with innovative ideas and high quality fabrics both for interior decoration and for furniture production with a clear goal of top quality and aesthetics. We offer fabrics of superior quality, created according to the wishes and needs of customers. The choice of colors and patterns is almost unlimited..

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Chemical, ink and organic stains can be removed by using only water. Clearink prevents the stains from sticking to the surface of the fabric, so it is easier to remove them. Enjoy your home without fear of dipping the furniture.



Inspired by the natural self-cleaning method (just as the lotus leaf cleanses itself), the Nanoclean fabric remains clean because it does not allow stains and dust to remain on its surface. This type of fabric that is easy to clean keeps its characteristics even after a lot of washing



Antidust is one of the smarter technologies developed to maintain tissue hygiene. It's a special formula that prevents the stains from clinging to its surface, but also rejects dust. Such fabrics are much more resistant and longer lasting than ordinary.



Flame Retardant technology is a safe solution for your home and work space. Its special formula protects the material from the risk of fire, as it is maximally resistant to ignition (TEST STANDARD BS5852).


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